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gPRO-iLS Water Treatment

The gPRO® iLS Oxygenation System is unique in its ability to maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen in ponds and other water bodies while removing nitrogen and other dissolved gases. This results in the elimination of blue green algae blooms and the anoxic conditions that allow for various chemical activities to take place that are injurious to the overall health of the water body.

gPRO-iLS system

The gPRO®iLS oxygenation system can be used in any size of water body, from the smallest pond to the largest reservoir or lake. It will efficiently and effectively remove harmful algae masses, eliminate odours and improve the benthos health and provide a pristine environment for all to enjoy.

Features and Benefits

  • Runs for under a Euro a day
  • No equipment visible on the surface – can be deployed at any depth
  • No recreational or wildlife interference
  • Simple and easy to install – no construction equipment
  • Rugged stainless construction – virtually maintenance free
  • Self-cleaning, lightweight, easily re-deployed
  • Eliminates blue green algae blooms – no unsightly & smelly biomass
  • Eliminates hydrogen sulphide and other noxious gases
  • Works with Microcat Algae Control products
  • No eutrophication, odours or fish kills

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