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EOSEOS Remediation’s family of products incorporates a proven technology resulting from more than eight years of research and testing by world renown bioremediation scientists and engineers. Information about EOS science, performance, ease of use, cost-effectiveness and on-site success has been documented in countless papers and in more than 100 scientific publications, making our products some of the most-tested, researched and accredited options for in situ remediation.

Emulsified Oil Substrate (EOS®) (Patented Technology)

  • A Simple, Easy-to-Use Product with
  • Slow and Rapid-Release Biodegradable Substrates and Micronutrients for
  • Effective Distribution in Contaminated Aquifers providing
  • Superior Enhancement of Anaerobic Biodegradation with
  • Greater Longevity in the Subsurface.EOS factory

Contaminants that can be treated with Emulsified Oil Substrate (EOS®)

  • Chlorinated Solvents: PCE, TCE, TCA, CT, etc.
  • Energetic Materials: Perchlorate (ClO4-), RDX, TNT, etc.
  • Nitrate (NO3-)
  • Oxidized Heavy Metals
  • Radionuclides (TcO4-, UO2+2)
  • Acid Rock Drainage

For more information about the EOS products visit the website of EOS Remediation or contact us.