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Dry Vapour Unit

The Dry Vapor Unit is an innovative device which is applied to neutralise odors which occur at in- and outdoour wasteprocessing area’s, sludge processing buildings and storage, composting facilities, bioremediation project, etc… It works on the basis of dry evaporation of an odor reducing agent which leaves no humidity behind in the treated area. This is a huge advantage over traditional nebulizing systems which rely on water as carrier for the neutralising agent.

Dry Vapour Unit

Key Features of the Dry Vapour Unit

  • No water supply needed
  • Can be used anywhere (inside buildings, open yards, exhaust stacks and ventilation systems)
  • Has an immediate impact
  • Simple to operate and install
  • No need for large storage tanks
  • Economical to use

System Design

The Dry Vapour Unit is available in 4 different versions.

  • DVU Truck – For odour control on vehicles like garbage trucks, sludge transports and vacuum trucks
  • DVU Mini – For small scale odour control applications not exceeding 50 m distance
  • DVU Midi – For odour control applications with perimeter dimensions between 50 to a 150 m
  • DVU Maxi – For odour control applications with perimeter dimensions between 150 to a 300 m

On request custom sized units can be supplied.

Dry Vapour Unit Applications

  • Indoor & outdoor Composting facilities
  • Sewage Pumping Stations
Sewage Pumping Stations
  • Sludge dewatering buildings
Sludge dewatering buidlings
  • Sludge storage depots
Sludge storage depots
  • Waste Transfer & Processing facilities
Waste Transfer Stations
  • Garbage & Sludge Transport Trucks
Sludge Transfer and Transport
Garbage Trucks
  • Vacuum Trucks
Vacuum Trucks
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
Wastewater Treatment Installations
  • Industrial manufacturing plants
Industrial Processes which create odours
  • Restaurant kitchens
Restaurant Kitchens Cooking hood exhaust
  • And many more situations in which odours are forming a problem!!!!!
Biofilter off gas polishing
Wastewater depots Slaughterhouse waste

For more information download the Dry Vapour Unit Brochure or contact us.