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BioFill® is a high efficiency plastic media used for bacteria beds for attached growth and combined biological treatment processes (trickling filter, submerged attached growth processes). BioFill® is produced from polymers with high mechanical features and high resistance to chemical, physical and biological agents with which it could be in contact. BioFill® is available in 7 different forms and sizes. Each size has its own specific application purpose but for all versions the life expectancy can be as high as 20 years, which is much longer than softer media available on the market which suffer more from mechanical wear and UV radiation.

Biofill type A

Biofill type B

Biofill Type C, C2

Type A:

  • Surface Area: >160 m2/m3
  • Size: Ø 71 mm
  • Free Space: 96%
  • Weight:37 kg/m3 or 7,5 gram/unit
  • Material: PP Black
  • Strength: 250 Kg/ m
  • Max. Temp.: 65°C
  • Hydrocarbon resistance: Good
  • Acid resistance: Good

Type B and BR:

  • Surface Area: >>115 m2/m3
  • Size: Ø >115 mm
  • Free Space: 96%
  • Weight: (B) 39 kg/m3
    (BR) 49,5 kg/m3
  • Material: PP Black
  • Strength: (B) 370 Kg/m3
    (BR) 500 Kg/m3
  • Max. Temp.: 65°C
  • Hydrocarbon resistance: Good
  • Acid resistance: Good

Type C, CT and C-2, C-2T:

  • Surface Area: (C & CT) 460 m2/m2
    (C-2 & C-2T) 595 m2/m3
  • Size: Ø 25 mm
  • Weight: (C) 127 kg/m3
    (CT) 133 kg/m3,
    (C-2) 172 kg/m3
    (C-2T) 183 kg/m3
  • Material: PP or PE
  • Strength: 500 Kg/ m
  • Max. Temp.: 68°C
  • Hydrocarbon resistance: Good
  • Acid resistance: Good

BioFill® products assure a long time contact between water and biomass due to its large specific surface and its special design; therefore it assures an efficient removal of BOD and COD. BioFill® is randomly located media which according to experts results in a better performance than ordered media.

For more information on how BioFill® can improve your wastewater treatment installation performance download our brochure or contact us.