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wwtp TuzlaBiological wastewater treatment systems can experience problems from time to time in achieving their target levels in respect of nitrogen removal. Quite often this is the result of varying process conditions like influent spikes, toxic compounds, varying pH, temperature changes, etc… QM Environmental Services supplies microbial additives which will support the nitrification and denitrification process.

MICROCAT®– XNL or XNC (refrigerated concentrate) is a microbial formulation containing nitrifying bacteria which, when introduced into the aeration tank, will quickly restore the nitrification capacity of the treatment plant. This is extremely useful when nitrification is lost due to for example a toxic shock event.

When used as preventative maintenance during autumn and winter months it will maintain the nitrification process during cold weather conditions.

MICROCAT®– DEN is a microbial formulation, in powder form, containing a high concentration of denitrifying bacteria which will consume nitrates in order to oxidize organic matter.