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Odour & corrosion

In sewer lines and wastewater treatment plants the emission of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), besides of being a health hazard, can also cause corrosion to concrete and metal structures like pumps, filter press and other metal structures present at a treatment plant. Additionally H2S emission can form a serious health and odour problem for the people working or living at or near the pumping stations or wastewater treatment plant.
H2S Corrosion
QM Environmental Services supplies MICROCAT®-ANL for odour & corrosion control in sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants. The use of MicroCat-ANL significantly reduces H2S levels in pumping stations, in both force main and gravity sewer lines, at in the inlet works and sludge, primary clarifiers and dewatering building of wastewater treatment plants. Furthermore it can have a positive effect on the final effluent quality of the treatment plant as less sulphides enter the treatment plant.

Extensive studies of the product application over several years in a sewer network demonstrated MicroCat-ANL was capable maintaining H2S levels below 10 ppm inside the screening building of the wastewater treatment plant.

MicroCat-ANL is a liquid bioformulation containing microorganisms capable converting sulphides into elemental sulphur. Elemental sulphur (S0), an insoluble compound, precipitates and is carried away with the sewage flow. In this way the sulphur is eliminated from the sulphur cycle and can’t cause downstream problems. Furthermore MicroCat-ANL contains bacterial strains which biodegrade volatile fatty acids which are responsible for the septic odour of the sewage.

MicroCat-ANL is used in biofilters, collection systems like sewers, pumping stations, buffer tanks and primary clarifiers. It will help to bring down overall maintenance costs and prolong the life span of these systems.

Our products for odour control comprise MICROCAT® microbial and nutrient formulations, bioactivators and neutralizers and the Dry Vapour Unit for odour control in the atmosphere.

MICROCAT®-ANL A liquid blend of preselected, adapted phototropic micro organisms for use under anoxic or anaerobic conditions. It is formulated for use in sewer lines and lift stations to suppress odour and enhance biodegradation where oxygen is of limited availability.
MICROCAT®-ECL A liquid blend of natural enzymes and surfactants for use in cleaning and deodorizing. It is formulated for use in a wide range of applications from food processing to wastewater treatment to enhance cleaning and removal of fats, oils, greases, starches, proteins, etc. and to suppress the odours resulting from such compounds.
BIOSTYM A natural product which when used results in an improved ecosystem of sludge digesters, preventing odours from occuring. Enhances biogas production.

For more information about our products and how they can help solve you odour and corrosion control problem at your sewer network and/or wastewater treatment plant, contact us.