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Wastewater Treatment

In the field of wastewater treatment QM Environmental Services supplies a board range of products for different sectors of industry and municipalities. Our microbial MICROCAT® formulations are formulated to tackle operational problems and in many cases prevent them from happening if they are used as preventative maintenance.

Our products offer solutions for Wastewater Treatment plants for the following sectors:

Operational problems occurring in wastewater treatment plants which can be cured and prevented with our products are:

Many of these products are on a microbial basis; others are bio-activators and nutrient products.

  • Dosing equipment, wastewater treatment units and aeration equipment for wastewater treatment.
  • Easy to use test kits for COD and other wastewater parameter analysis for on site or laboratory use.
  • Microscopic sludge analysis and laboratory testing for biotreatability, toxicity screening.