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Waste Processing & Composting

QM Environmental Services offers a range of products that can help to improve the processing and composting of organic waste forms or to solve odour problems associated with the transport, storage and processing of waste in general.

QM Environmental Services offers the following products.

Liquid Bioactivator
A natural product which when used results in an improved ecosystem of sludge digesters. The micro organisms present in the digester, which are responsible for the transformation of the organic matter and retrieve there energy from this process, can work optimal with the use of BioStym. This results in an improved methanogenic phase of the digestion process which results in higher biogas yields. Scientific research has demonstrated that, regardless of the size of the digester, an increase of biogas production from 5 to 25% can be achieved.
Compost accelerator/stabilization Bioformula
Microbial formulation for enhancing and stabilizing composting of vegetal waste forms.
Deodorizer/Liquefier Bioformula
Specialized microbes and enzymes for deodorization/liquification of animal wastes.
Odour Control Bioformula
Phototrophic (light activated) microbes, in liquid form, for control of sulfur-based odour causing compounds. Also degrades organics under anaerobic conditions.
Natural Protein/Food Grade Cleaner/Deodorizer
Selected natural enzymes, proteins and surfactants (no bacteria) in liquid form for cleaning and deodorizing applications.

For more information on how QM products can help solve your waste processing problems, please contact us.