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QM Environmental Services supplies microbial, nutrient and wetting agents for soil and groundwater remediation and spill control products under the trade name MICROCAT® to remediation and spill cleanup companies. Our microbial formulations are synergistic blends of preselected, adapted microorganisms for groundwater treatment and soil bioremediation programs. They are specifically formulated for use in solving problems associated with spillage of and other forms of contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons and related wastes. They are effective on crude petroleum, gasoline, MTBE, diesel fuel, machining oils, hydraulic fluids, solvents, monomers and other petroleum derivatives including chlorinated organics.

Which MICROCAT Products are used?

Hydrocarbon Degrading Bioformula
Bioformula for Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Aromatics, PAH and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons.
BTX/MTBE Degrading Bioformula for Groundwater Remediation
Specialty liquid blend for difficult-to-degrade organic compounds found in groundwater and due to leakage or spillage of underground and surface tanks containing fuels.
Hydrocarbon Degrading Bioformula
Bioformula for the degradation of oily layers is oil-water separator systems and bilge water treatment.
Nutrient Blend for Biodegradation and Bioremediation Programs
Nitrogen and Phosphate macronutrient in soluble form.
Time-Release Nutrient Blend
Nitrogen and Phosphate nutrient in slow release form.
Biodegradable Wetting Agents
Biodegradable wetting agents (surfactants) for water insoluble contaminants.
Liquid Hard Surface Cleaner
(SMP – petroleum, SMA – animal and vegetable oils) on pavements and other hard surfaces (dry or liquid).
Oil Spill Absorber/Degrader
Spill absorber/degrader for petroleum hydrocarbons and fuels.
Oil Spill Absorber
Floating oil absorber/degrader.

Key Advantages & Benefits of MICROCAT® for Bioremediation Programs:

  • Development of biomass that results in an effective degradation of petroleum- or petrochemical industry derived hydrocarbons
  • Biological degradation of a broad range of hydrocarbons (both aliphatic and aromatic) molecular weight (alkanes, benzene, kerosine, oil, BTEX, MTBE, etc…)
  • Rapid decontamination of the polluted zone, further spreading of the pollution is minimized stopped. The risk for the environment is considerably reduced.
  • Transfer of genetic information for the degradation hydrocarbons to the indigenous microbial population
  • Considerable less expensive solutions than traditional techniques (excavation, transportation, dumping in landfill and/or incineration)

For more information on MICROCAT® products for bioremediation, download our Bioremediation brochure here.

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