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BioStym is a natural product which stimulates naturally occurring or bioaugmented microorganisms in soils. It creates and enhances the natural balance. The microbes present in the soil are stimulated to reproduce and degrade at a higher rate by making the organic contamination more accessible for uptake. This process increases the rate of degradation. BioStym is focused on the improved degradation of petroleum contamination in the range of C10 to C60. Especially the longer chained aliphatic hydrocarbons are difficult to degrade by the microbes because of their poor bioavailability. BioStym increases the bioavailability of these compounds and enhances the transport of enzymes and hydrocarbons through the cell membrane of the microbes.

BioStym can be applied in both in or ex situ bioremediation programs. Ex situ applications as landfarming or depot treatment can be supplemented easily with BioStym and will reduce the overall treatment time. For in situ bioremediations on contaminated sites where excavation is difficult BioStym can be used in combination with pump & treat systems. The extracted groundwater is supplemented with BioStym and treated in a bioreactor. After treatment this water can be infiltrated into the soil matrix again, where it will add biomass from the bioreactor and BioStym. As bioremediation of long chained hydrocarbons is generally considered as difficult, increasing the bioavailability of these compounds contributes to the biodegradation rate and decreases the treatment time considerably. In combination with MICROCAT® additives and Gasinfusion technology for introducing oxygen into the groundwater treatment times can further be reduced.

BioStym is composed out of fermented plant and seaweed extracts and contains trace elements, vitamins and enzymes that can be fully taken up by micro organisms which are present in the soil. This results in:

  • A more stable ecosystem
  • A more effective degradation process
  • Reduced treatment times

BioStym is completely composed out of natural raw materials and is completely safe for humans and the environment.

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